How Missing Teeth Can Change Your Life

Replacing moissing teeth at A specialist at Plymouth at Plymouth Ann Arbor Oral & Facial Surgery, in Plymouth, MITeeth perform crucial functions in our everyday activities such as eating and speaking. Missing teeth can significantly alter your life as they leave gaps in your mouth, taking away your beautiful smile along with your confidence. What happens is, if you are not happy with the way you look, it affects your self-esteem. This can affect everything from your personal life to your professional life.

Often, you ignore a few missing teeth, especially if they are molars. However, if they are front teeth that can be seen when you smile or talk, you can no longer ignore it.

At Plymouth Ann Arbor Oral & Facial Surgery, we know all about the adverse effects of ignoring missing teeth and have a variety of solutions to help you replace them and give you back the missing parts of your life.

Ignoring Missing Teeth Can Lead to Bigger Oral Health Problems

Missing teeth can lead to poor health and indigestion. When you lose a few teeth, eating becomes difficult as you can no longer chew your food properly. You cannot eat some food like meat (unless it is super tender). This may lead to health problems and poor nutrition. Also, your body cannot properly absorb the nutrients as it is not broken down enough to do so completely.

Missing teeth affect your speech as teeth control the air flow and the tongue must make contact with them to form a few words. Without a few of your front teeth, your words tend to slur, and people will have a hard time understanding you.

Your smile is the first thing that people notice about you. Sometimes a smile means more than a thousand words, like in instances of gratitude and sympathy. Without it, your amiable personality cannot be seen. Because of missing teeth, you tend to hide it by closing your mouth and avoiding eye contact.

Missing teeth can change your look. Believe it or not, teeth play an important role in the shape of your face and losing them will affect your facial features. Losing your teeth gives you a gaunt appearance, making you appear older than you are. It also affects your bite and jawline.

You Can Fix Your Smile

Having a few missing teeth is not the end of the world. Thanks to advances in dentistry, dental implants can help people regain their lives. Even your jaw is compromised due to having missing teeth for some years; hope is not lost. If your gums are healthy, but your bone is not strong enough to support implants, we can look into the potential of a bone graft. If you end up not being a good candidate for dental implants, we can look into other restoration options such as bridges or dentures.

If you have missing teeth and are long to find a cost-effective, permanent solution, then contact Plymouth Ann Arbor Oral & Facial Surgery today at (734) 455-0710. We will sit down with you, evaluate your oral health condition and situation and see what restoration options would work best for you.


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