Dental Emergencies

Emergencies are scary. This is true of any type of emergency, including dental emergencies. When faced with a dental emergency, it is easy to panic. If you do not know what to do, you might think your best option is to rush off to the emergency room. Not all dental emergencies require this kind of care. Many emergencies can be handled easily in our office. There are even some emergencies that you can take care of without having ever to leave your house. When you are faced with a dental emergency, Plymouth Ann Arbor Oral & Facial Surgery is here to help.

Caring for Your Emergencies at Home

There are some emergencies that do not require any professional care at all. One of these emergencies is a bitten lip, tongue, or cheek. These injuries are common, and often not dangerous, although they can be painful. If you are experiencing bleeding, place a piece of gauze over the wound and apply gentle pressure. For pain and swelling, you can take an over the counter pain reliever or use an ice pack. If your bleeding lasts more than 15 minutes, then you should seek emergency care right away.

Another emergency you may be able to handle on your own is a toothache. While toothaches are commonly associated with an infection, they can also occur because food or other debris is stuck between your teeth. First, brush and floss your teeth thoroughly and rinse with a salt water solution. Call our office if nothing is removed, if your pain persists, or if you notice other symptoms of an infection.

In-Office Emergency Care

We are highly experienced at treating some different dental emergencies right here in our office. Some of the emergencies we treat include
•  Painful teeth. Tooth pain is a common indication of an infection. We can diagnose the infection and provide you with effective treatment to alleviate your discomfort and restore your oral health.
•  Damaged teeth. While minor damage may only cause cosmetic issues, more significant damage can put your teeth at risk for serious issues such as infections. If your teeth are damaged, we can restore their health and strength, protecting them from further damage and infections, with crowns.
•  Partially dislodged teeth. In some cases, an injury can result in a tooth being partially knocked out, or knocked deeper into the socket. Do not attempt to reset these teeth on your own. We can set the affected teeth back into place in your jaw and secure them with a splint during the periodontal ligaments and bone heal.
•  Avulsed teeth. Some injuries can result in a tooth being knocked out completely. If the tooth is whole, it is possible to replant it. First, handling the tooth by the crown, rinse it under water and store the tooth in a jar of milk until your appointment. We can often replant avulsed teeth and secure them with a splint. If we cannot replant the tooth, we can provide you with options for replacement, including a dental implant.

Should I Go to the Emergency Room?

There are some cases in which a dental emergency warrants a trip straight to the emergency room. You should head straight to the ER if
•  You think your jaw is broken.
•  You are experiencing extreme pain or swelling.
•  You are experiencing excessive bleeding or bleeding that has lasted more than 15 minutes.
•  You are having trouble breathing.

If you are faced with a dental emergency and do not know what to do, we can help. Call Plymouth Ann Arbor Oral & Facial Surgery at (734) 455-0710 right away.


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