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Reconstructive Surgery at Plymouth Ann Arbor Oral & Facial Surgery While you take every measure possible to protect yourself, the world can be a dangerous place. Accidents can happen anywhere, in the car, while playing sports, at work, even at home. Some of these accidents can affect the face and mouth. While many may be minor, there are some accidents that are serious, and may even require reconstructive surgery. Plymouth Ann Arbor Oral & Facial Surgery can help.

What Is Reconstructive Surgery?

When you suffer a facial or oral injury, it can do significant damage. Not only can it affect certain functions, depending upon the region injured, it can also affect your appearance. If your appearance is altered as a result of trauma, it can have a serious effect on your self-esteem. Reconstructive surgery is a term that covers a broad range of procedures that are meant to rebuild the soft or hard tissues of the oral and facial regions. The goal is to reconstruct the affected area of the face, neck or mouth to return you to normal function while restoring your appearance. This can help restore your quality of life, as well as give you back your confidence.

Who Is a Candidate?

Anyone who has suffered loss of facial structure as a result of oral or facial trauma can technically be considered a candidate for reconstructive surgery. There are several factors that can play into setting a specific timeline. The complexity of the trauma, the amount of damage done, the cause of the defect, are all factors that need to be considered. Someone who has been in an auto accident may need to undergo several stages of treatment, restoring soft tissue before undergoing hard tissue restoration. Patients who have lost facial structure as a result of oral cancer are also candidates for reconstructive surgery, as are those who have lost facial structure as a result of an infection.

Reconstructive Surgery Procedures

There are several different types of reconstructive surgery procedures:
•  Dentoalveolar surgery. This particular type of surgery involves the extraction of impacted or infected teeth. We can expose impacted teeth to help orthodontists bring them into proper alignment. This particular surgery also involves preparing the mouth for dentures as well as performing biopsies on both hard and soft tissues in the mouth.
•  Dental implants. Dental implants are the latest in tooth replacement. This particular treatment involves the surgical implantation of titanium rods into the jawbone. The bone fuses to the implants and turns them into stable roots that are then used to support replacement teeth.
•  Correction of skeletal deformities. This type of surgery involves the correction of deformities in the jaw, the facial bones, and the associated soft tissues. The abnormalities may be caused by natural development, or may have developed as a result of facial trauma. The goal of this surgery is to restore function and aesthetics as well as to prevent later issues.
•  Orthognathic surgery. This surgery is done to correct growth abnormalities in both the jaw and facial bones, which usually appear with malocclusion. Surgery is often done in conjunction with orthodontic treatment. Surgery is designed to move the jaw into correct alignment, correct occlusion issues and improve facial appearance.
•  Cleft lip and palate. Cleft lip and palate are congenital defects that form before birth. Surgery is required to correct them, restoring appearance as well as the functions of the mouth.
•  Facial trauma treatment. We are highly skilled in repairing complex injuries to the soft tissues, bones, and teeth that occur as a result of facial trauma.
•  Treatment of pathological diseases. We can diagnose and treat a variety of pathological diseases, including benign cyst, benign tumors, malignant tumors, infections, and more.

If you have suffered an oral or facial injury, it is important to seek treatment quickly. Some of these injuries may require reconstructive surgery. Contact Plymouth Ann Arbor Oral and Facial Surgery today at (734) 455-0710 for more information.


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