Periodontal Maintenance

It is common for patients to disregard their oral health without understanding its impact on their overall health. Unknown to many, periodontal maintenance is essential to not only ensure your gums and teeth are doing perfect but also to make sure that you do not suffer from other health issues that periodontal diseases may cause.

Plymouth Ann Arbor Oral & Facial Surgery provides periodontal maintenance to help you take better care of yourself. We have been serving the area for several years and have received numerous compliments from those patients that we treat our own family. We can help you with your periodontal maintenance and a brighter, whiter smile.

What to Expect During Periodontal Maintenance?

The procedure is recommended to be done every 2 to 4 months and is given to patients who have been previously treated for gum disease. However, the interval between treatments may be lengthened and its extent lessened if your periodontium has been stabilized. Keep in mind that periodontitis can only be controlled and cannot be entirely cured. Thus, the maintenance. This maintenance helps to control the symptoms, so the patients can live their lives as normal as possible. The procedure involves taking away the plaque and tartar from both the teeth and gums.

It begins with a check up on the pocket or the space found between the teeth and mouth. This is where bacterial plaque forms. The space should only be between 1 to 3 millimeters, but this may get wider as the plaque grows deeper. A thorough cleaning is done to remove all the tartar, plaque, and bacteria forming above and below the gum line.

As periodontal disease causes pockets to develop, plaque eventually forms under the gums just along the root of the tooth. This hardens to the tooth and is removed during the treatment. The procedure is called root scaling. It also involves smoothing the root surface.

As a final process, an x-ray is conducted to check the condition of the bones around the teeth. This is done yearly to make sure there is no bone loss and cavities formation. It also checks if there are possible infections.

Remember, this procedure is different from prophylaxis. Prophylaxis is given only to patients who did not previously have gum disease and is done to ensure their oral health is maintained, and formation of cavities is curtailed.

Have Regular Periodontal Maintenance with Plymouth Ann Arbor Oral & Facial Surgery

Don’t leave your health to chance. Get regular periodontal maintenance help with Plymouth Ann Arbor Oral & Facial Surgery. If you have already been treated for gum disease, keep it from returning and causing further damage by having this maintenance treatment.

We will take care of your oral health. Our dental professionals have years of experience in handling almost all oral health issues without sacrificing the comfort of the patient. We also employ only the best technology to address your concerns.

There is no need for you to wait longer and allow more damage to be done. Call us today at (734) 455-0710 to book an appointment and let us help you with the periodontal maintenance you may be in need of.


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